Members benefits.

So what do you get for your club fee? Seems to be what everyone is asking these days, especially as money is so tight and we have to watch every penney we need to spend.

So for all those people who are interested in possibly joining our model Boat Club, Ive drawn up a short list of benefits, our club members are signing the dotted line for.

Our initial "first years" membership fee is a mere £10, this does include a joining fee, simply to cover the printing costs of your members handbook and club card. Your second years "renewal fee" is just £7, an even better bargain!

The members handbook gives the club member details of  all the details im about to list here also, but will then give more informative details as to which model boat shops and suppliers Our club has managed to strike up some generous discount deals for club members with.

This I hope you can appreciate, could potentially mean that over the course of your 12 month club membership, you have the chance to recoup your initial membership cost in the discounts possible when buying from our recommended stores and suppliers.

Think about it..................... it makes sense...................... AND a GOOD DEAL  !!

Chasewater Model Boat Club Membership Benefits.

These are a few of the Club membership benefits we believe Chasewater Model Boat Club can offer you as a member:

 Free to view regular update to our club website, free regular newsletter sent electronically [or by post if specifically requested].

Free use of our club web site to advertise any “sales/wants” you may have, providing they are all model boat related.

Purchase discount at certain listed  model boat shops & bits suppliers, simply by giving them your membership name and number a variety of discounts available on boats, bits, spares, accessories, saving £’s off retail  prices. Your membership fee can easily be recovered if you need spares or accessories to complete a build.

Club “pool “of model boat plans, available to club members for small postage fee to “borrow only” until your own build is complete. All plans must be returned “as received” and not marked or damaged in any way or full cost will be payable for replacement.

Free use and facility of club rescue boat and equipment. So if for any reason, your boat is unable to reach shore, we have facility to assist rescue of your boat to the shoreline.  Non members will be charged for this service if seeking rescue.

Free admittance to organised events/shows that Chasewater Model Boat Club is attending, providing you are also showing a boat/craft of your own on our club stand.

Discounted group admittance fees to any organised club visit to a museum or naval orientated club visit.

Free steam boiler inspection and certification service to all full club members with MPBA insurance scheme.

Organised fortnightly club social meetings.

Free advice on boat setup and testing if you are unsure of your own personal boat build. All of our club members will provide any assistance or suggestion to help you with your craft and its setup.

Free use and access to the club equipment for setting up racing marker buoys and competitions.

Free use of the Clubs radio frequency board, to reduce the risk of radio frequency clash and potential for loss of your model boat due to such.

Discounted offers on Club clothing and merchandise.

So you can see, we dont just meet to sail boats, we can offer you the model boater more help and advise that you can imagine,  We can give you guidance if you are unsure about a boat build you may be doing, we can offer a setup service when you bring your boat to the pool. We  also have members who can talk the hind leg off a donkey [if ness - and sorry to all thre legged donkey's] at our pub social meets, where you can either talk "boats" or talk "boats ".

Enough said.

but if anyone want more info or would like to request a membership application form, please email me at this address and  I will send you a form out by return.

best wishes for the 2011  MODEL  boating season.

Steve Gregory. [Secretary]